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Bionic Woman vs. Wonder Woman @ WWWF Grudge Match Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman fight it out in a mud wrestling match. Tickets still available.
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Vintage/Classic Pro Wrestling: All Star Pro line up of some of the most exciting matches every caught on live tape.
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Powerful Women of Wrestling (also known as POWW) is a defunct professional wrestling promotion based out of Indianapolis, Indiana founded by David McLane, .
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Marie Laverne was one of Kay Noble's best friends over the last number of years in Amarillo, but they weren't close when they were wrestling against each...
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Mad Maxine (also known as Lady Maxine) was a female professional wrestler. She is best known for her height (standing approximately 6'2" tall) and having a green.
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13: Fear Is Real: "Alone" (season 1, episode 7, original air date February 12 2008) In this CW reality show, : 13 contestants face scary situations in an attempt to.
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Shiima Xion vs. Joel Maximo vs. Tony Nese vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Brian XL vs. Javi Air